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How to make homemade ice cream in a plastic bag?

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Remember those childhood days, when one of our major summer vacation activities was to make homemade ice cream in a plastic bag? Simple yet fun-filled, such activities even today bring the same joy both to you and your kids. Try it at home and see how your child jumps with glee.  Home made ice cream - Quick and Delicious


For making ice cream in a plastic bag, you need:
Milk - ½ cup; Vanilla extract - ½ teaspoon; Sugar - 2 teaspoons; Crushed Ice - 2 trays;
Salt - 4 tablespoons; 2 Plastic bags – 1 gallon sized and 1 quart sized. For better results, you can use freezer bags or zip-loc bags.

Once you have all the ingredients at hand, follow these steps:

Pour milk in the quart sized plastic bag. Add the sugar to it.
Add the vanilla extract to the bag. This will give a subtle vanilla flavor to your ice cream.
Seal the bag tightly, so that there is as little air in it as possible.
Put salt and the crushed ice in the gallon sized plastic bag.
Now, place the smaller bag in the bigger one and seal it. This process of double bagging reduces the risk of salt leakage into the ice cream mixture.
Shake the larger bag well, for about 10 minutes. This freezes the mixture into ice cream.
Once the ice cream is made, take the small bag out. Serve on a plate and enjoy.

Ice creams had always been an eternal favorite of children and the adults alike. A hot summer afternoon complemented by a cold refreshing ice cream is the lethal combination that no heart can give a skip. A quick and hassle-free way of making delicious ice creams, this homemade ice cream recipe is sure to steal your heart away!

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How To Make Homemade Ice Cream In A Plastic Bag?