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How To Make Chopped Liver

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I kept trying all these years to get that authentic delicious taste of chopped liver which my Grandma used to make, but never succeeded. It was recently I came through this interesting recipe on how to make chopped liver and decided to try it out and it worked. I am sharing this recipe with all those who are looking for that sumptuous chopped liver recipe.

Learn how to make chopped liver and start by cooking vegetablesStep one: Boil eggs and finely chop all vegetables. You will then need to sauté these chopped vegetables on a pan. Keep flipping the vegetables so that they do not get burn. When they are little crisp put them in a mixing bowl. You can now chop the eggs slowly and add them to the vegetables.
Step two: Drain the liver very well. Put some cooking spray on your pan and start frying the liver slowly. Keep the flame very low and let the liver cook slowly so that all parts of the liver are well cooked.
Step three: You might have to re-drain the liver while cooking. If you are re-draining it, do not forget to re-coat the pan. You can add Hungarian paprika and other spices in the liver now. You can put salt, chili powder and some curry powder also.Know how to make chopped liver recipe in a few easy steps
Step four: Remove the fried liver from the pan and start chopping liver. Chop till you get some nice and even pieces.
Step five: This is the final stage when you can hand mix all your vegetables, eggs, chicken fat with the fried liver. Let it have a nice consistency and sprinkle some more paprika for that added taste.

Your chopped liver recipe is now ready to be served – enjoy and have fun!

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How To Make Chopped Liver