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How To Broil Hamburger Patty – Guide For Beginners

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As a beginner, one of the first recipes which I learnt was how to broil hamburger patty – I was told that broiling meat is certainly the easiest way to learn cooking. Broiling hamburger patty is easy and does not require many skills. It can be cooked in very little time also.

Here are some brief guidelines on broiling hamburger patty for your home. Learn them and enjoy delicious hamburger patty anytime you feel like.

Try broiling hamburger patties and enjoy sumptuous meals anytime you wantSetting the oven: Set your oven at broil setting so that it heats up as per the temperature you need. Now, you will need your hamburger patties for the next step of broiling them. (You can buy patties from your local store for this purpose or use home made patties as per your convenience)
Preparing your cooking pan: Now, it is time to prepare you cooking sheet or pan. Spray a little cooking spray on this and place your patties on them neatly – ready to go inside the oven. When your oven is preheated, you can put your cooking sheet inside the oven.
Cooking time: Let the hamburgers cook inside the oven slowly. You can check how much cooking has been done time and again, by touching the patties so that they do not get burnt. When they are cooked and you are satisfied, you can remove them from the oven.
Cool and serve: Let them cool for some time so that all the juices settle down slowly. Garnish your hamburger and serve it to your family and friends.


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How To Broil Hamburger Patty – Guide For Beginners