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How To Make A Barbecue Pit

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Even though many people becomes highly fascinated by the idea of having a barbecue pit at their home, most of them doesn’t seems to have the exact knowledge on how to make a barbecue pit on their own. Through this simple article on how to make a barbecue pit at your home, you will surely master the technique.How to make a barbecue pit

For those who are not so familiar with the phrase, barbecue is an outdoor fireplace for roasting meat. It provides a real touch of style to your backyard. Building a barbecue pit can be a much easier task as it doesn’t demand any technical knowledge from your side. Moreover, the irresistible aroma of hamburgers, juicy steaks and roasted corn made on a barbecue can be highly inspiring!

So, here are the step by step instructions to build a basic barbecue pit.

1. The first and basic thing to do is to dig a hole. The hole should be three feet deep and three feet wide. However, you are free to stretch the dimensions if you feel like cooking a whole pig someday. So it’s always better to plan now and act, than to change later.

2. The next thing to do is to make or find a box to cover the pit. You can use wood or scrap metal for this purpose. Whatever you choose, make sure that the box can cover the whole pit. You can also attach a handle to the cover so that it will be more easier for you to handle it while cooking.

3. Now we need to fill the barbecue hole or pit with dry wooden chips. Cedar chips are usually preferred for barbecues. However, you should only fill about one foot from the top of the pit. This will act as the furnace. You may also align the sides of the hole with bricks in order to prevent dirt from falling on your food.

4. The next thing is to create the grilling area. You can use a wire rack for this by placing it on top.

5. Now cover the pit with the box, and that’s it! You can be proud of a stylish barbecue on your backyard.

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How To Make A Barbecue Pit