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How to Build a BBQ Grill Out Of a Propane Tank

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How to build a BBQ grill out of a propane tank                               If you love the smell of BBQ grill and was always known for your local engineering skills, then this interesting assignment is for you. Below mentioned is the easy process of how to build a BBQ grill out of a propane tank. It is an innovative way to use that old propane tank lying in the backyard of your house. And off course, you will also get your own do-it-yourself story to make an impression on all your friends.

How to Build a BBQ Grill Out of a Propane Tank

1.  First of all, remove all the fitting and fixtures from the propane tank using an adjustable wrench. Take the air nozzle of your compressor and insert inside one of the tank holes. Fasten the nozzle properly using a duck tape. Then, in order to wash out the fumes from the tank, slowly turn on the compressor.

2. Take out the nozzle from the tank after turning off the compressor. Place the propane tank on one side. Remove all the protrusions using a reciprocating saw from the exterior of the tank. The, you need to cut down the tank in half of its length.

3. Properly clean both the pieces of the tank. You can use rags, soap or bleach to wash out the tank. Not to mention, you must dispose the entire dump properly. 

4. Make holes on one half of the tank using 3 by 8 inch bit drill. These holes will be used for your hinges. Then, you are required to use the 3/8-inch hardware and wrenches in order to attach both hinges to the tank. After these, line up both the sides to measure the hinge holes on the other piece of the tank. Drill holes on the unused side also and attach the hinges to this side. Then, attach both the halves together properly.

5. Use the 5 by 8 inch drill bit to make holes on one end of both angle irons. Measure and mark the holes in the bottom half of the tank. In order to fasten the tank with the 5 by 8 inch hardware and wrenches, you are required to drill support holes in the tank.

6. Then, you need to make two wide holes of 18 inch depth and 18 inch width. Place the grill up in these holes properly. Push down the legs into the bottom of the holes using the hammer. Put concrete mix into each hole with proper amount of water. Then, rest the set up for at least 24 hours in order to let the concrete mix harden.

7. Lastly, you just need to use the 3 by 8 inch drill bit and make about 10 holes in the bottom of the grill. Add some charcoal into the bottom and place the grill rack over it. Light up the charcoal in the bottom of the tank. You can now add the food over the grill and enjoy the taste of BBQ grill.

Just follow these steps of How to build a BBQ grill out of a propane tank and you can start cooking on your personal grill soon.

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How To Build A BBQ Grill Out Of A Propane Tank