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How to Make Royal Icing Poppy Flowers

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royal icing poppy flowers on a cakeHow to Make Royal Icing Poppy Flowers?


Royal icing poppy flowers lend a beautiful look to any cake. Royal icing consists of powdered sugar, water and meringue powder. Unlike fondant, royal icing hardens to a crisp texture over time. Poppy flower designs should be arranged on the cake only once these designs have dried so that they last longer on the cake. 

1.    Attach a 2D piping tip along the end point of pastry bag. Then fill the pastry bag with   red royal icing.


2.    Hold the tip of the pastry bag sat 90 degree angle such that it just touches the wax paper. Position your hand such that knuckles of the right hand point in a 9'0 clock arrangement.


3.    Squeeze the pastry bag gently and set your hands at the 12 o'clock arrangement so as to make poppy flower petals.


4.     Release the pressure on pastry bag and lift it straight up . Move away from the wax paper so that it does not drip.


5.   Fix a chocolate candy into the center of the flower to create the dark middle portion of a poppy. 


6.    Create more royal icing poppy flowers till the time you have the required number.

7.    One the flowers are created, place them on the wax paper. Allow them to dry and harden overnight.

8.    After the poppy flowers solidify, remove the wax paper from it. Use them for decorating the cake or store them in an airtight jar in a cool and dry place. 

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How To Make Royal Icing Poppy Flowers