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Bangers & Mash!!

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Believe it or not you don't have to come from one of the 7 Nations to make Bangers & Mash. To me bangers & mash is the quintessential Irish pub grub. The most interesting thing about B & M is that there is no one recipe you have to use to make them official. To me the name is more of a guideline than rigid rules. You have to have sausage (the bangers) and you have to have mashed/smashed potatoes (the mash). Now I wouldn't go as far as to say it's ok to us Bob Evans sausage and instant potatoes and instant gravy mix but I guess if you really wanted to you could. You also don't have to go as far as using your family’s 80 year old recipe for had ground sausage and hydroponically grown potatoes. It doesn’t matter how you make them – just make em! I ate a ‘banger clock’ once on a trip to Ireland on a bet. One big head of mashed potatoes with 12 (yes 12) sausages placed around the plate looking like a clock. It was a lot of food but I ate until I had a clean plate – made a hundred bucks for that one…

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This Irish man loves bangers and mash! Chaz
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I with you Chaz this PR babe prefers her bangers on the mash!
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what r u eating?
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Bangers are wonderful if made properly, and Ilove them with Alana Steak Sauce imported from Ireland of course. Steve's father's family hail from Sligo and Mayo Counties, Ireland.! Bangers contain an interesting combination of ingredients including rusk and pork, pork and apple, tomato, beef, spices such as nutmeg, giner, mace, white pepper and sage.. Bangers are often served with onion gravy. My favourivte recipe for bangers is on my dear long time friend, sausage expert, Len Poli's site. I make this formulation but have a heavy hand when it comes to white pepper, one of my favourite ingredients: Some of my formulations appear on his site. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Bangers & Mash!!