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Cheessteak Cooking

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yet another and final video of cheesesteak - they should have called it the Florida Cheesesteak Show...

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Cheessteak Cooking
Yet another video on cheese steak - they should have called it the Florida Cheese steak Show... These cheese steaks are getting increasingly popular, I see them everywhere right from food shows to ads to banners to what not…

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Looks like cheeseteaks was a hit at that restaurant show!
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Steve said he had a chicken cheese steak last night in Deerfield (north of Chicago). I never heard of that one. I have never eaten a good cheese steak. Tried one once and well it didn't float my boat-greasy veleta like cheese stuff, greasy thin layers of steak on a soggy roll. Didn't seem special to me, two bites and I tossed it. They must be good if so many love them, or are they? I mean so many millions love Mc D's. ICKY
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Then you need to spend time in Philly. Philly cheesesteaks are NOT a myth. As a former Philadelphian, I can tell you that if you've never had a PHILLY cheesesteak, you've never had one at all! tourists dig Pat's and Gino's, locals dig Jim's or smaller deli steaks. Funny thing: when I was about to move to North Jersey, a friend of mine told me, "beware places that say "Philly" cheesteaks. If it has green pepper, it's bulls$$it.". I have to say, truer words were never spoken...
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...and that's the truth!
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Cheese steaks are not a hit on my list either but nice cooking video
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Yes great video-Nikko does have a tough job eating and trying stuff.
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i have had then too - infact there are two really famous cheese steak shops right across each other in philly that are really famous ! Bon Appetite!'s picture
Looks likes your cheesesteak videos are people's favorite. Chris
Cheessteak Cooking Video, Cheessteak Cooking