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Grilling Scallops

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Scallops on a grill...

:) Nikko

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Scallop Grilling
Watch scallops being grilled and get some tips. Scallops are delicate and its always preferable to have them somewhat undercooked, as such it requires a bit of care and precision.

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Scallops are on like foods from heaven-big juicy FRESH Sea Scallosp.
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I love them too! Check out my Scallop ceviche recipe video.
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AND never over cook hem keep them just barely warm in the middle. In fact don't overcook any seafood if you cook it, I adore sashimi.
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I'm with you Shantihhh I like mine just warm / opaque in the middle - overdone and you can play hockey with them...
CookingMyWay's picture Monica's Scallop Ceviche link!
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Just Garlic, Butter and Lemon.... :)
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I like them with cumin and a dash of red pepper. I was taught that you have to make sure they are extra dry before you let them hit the grill or skillet.
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And i just like them with anything!
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Love fresh diver scallops, difficult to get here as they usually are frozen. I ate them in Boston a couple of months ago. YUM! We used to be able to find them in the shell w/the coral-wow what a treat.
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I'll take them with just about anything... Love how versatile they are... :) Nikko
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