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Making a Philly Cheese Steak

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They had a pretty good cheese steak - but that grill needed a cleaning big time!

:) Nikko

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Live Philly Cheesesteak
Cheese steak, also known as Philly cheese steak or Philadelphia cheese steak is nothing but a sandwich made using thinly sliced steak pieces of steak and melted cheese in a long roll. It is a popular fast food here in US and has its roots in Philadelphia. Watch this hands on video depicting how you can make one.

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So, how did it taste? Looks good-hat to admit it, but so much bread. I'd go for a topless sandwich. Hey bet that would b great on Lapinja bread. *lapinja is a Bosnian flat chewy bread baked in ovens-simply the best) I have been searching for the recipe for real lapinja for 4 years. Have found and ben given a few but not the real lapinja so far.
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In a couple weeks I will be in Philly for the American Dietetic Association show, maybe I will do a Pat and Gino thing if I have the time The Tortilla Guy
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Nice one , but what most people don't realize is that making the cheesesteak is all about the roll !!!
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How about a cheesesteak wrap ?
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I'm on it - will have one next week! :) Nikko
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I love Philly cheese steak but from a clean grill! :-) Raquel
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To their defense this was taken at the very end of the day... :) Nikko
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Love Philly steak but hate the heartburn I get afterwards
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More Philly steak, yuk!
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Being a south philly transplant here in ohio ihave found good steak too use but cannot find a decent roll to put it on. Can anyone give me a receipt for a good philly roll
Making A Philly Cheese Steak Video, Live Philly Cheesesteak