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Celebrity Chef Bruno at Work

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I think I took about an hour of Chef Bruno making pizza...

:) Nikko

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Celebrity Chef Bruno & His Tricks
Celebrity Chef is always fun to be around. Watch him in a casual cooking spree tossing the dough. He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve both in terms of his theatrics and his recipes

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Wow lots of Pizza stuff at this show !!! The Tortilla Guy
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It was the Florida Restaurant & Lodging show - And - The Orlando Pizza Show all at the same time... The Pizza Show was quite overshadowed and they didn't do that good of a job promoting it I don't think so most people didn't know... :) Nikko
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A nice pizza video with spinning to
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BTW the widgets thing its a good idea you get more hits this way!
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I have more of him making a pizza from start to finish... :) Nikko
Celebrity Chef Bruno At Work Video, Celebrity Chef Bruno & His Tricks