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Making Paratha

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I had this for the first time the other day and loved it!

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How To Make Paratha
There's nothing quite like a crispy, flaky paratha to go with a good Indian curry dish. With this video you can learn how to make stuffed paratha. The stuffing can be anything from meat to potatoes to onion - here they use potatoes. By the way for those of you who don’t know, paratha is a type of Indian bread made of wheat and is usually had with a spicy side dish.

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I love this kind of bread Keema which this could be or onion kulcha or any of the stuffed breads. Not sure what this one is, and it sounded like Donald Duck was helping out I make a stuffed one with minced mutton/goat and onions, garlic an spices.
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It's difficult to tell what filling has been used here. The most common and popular paratha is the "Aloo Paratha", which has mashed potato, chopped ginger-garlic-onions etc and spices. Of course, there are a thousand other combinations of stuffing that are used...My favourite is the "Sattu (crushed gram) Paratha"-very popular in Bihar, India.
Making Paratha Video, How To Make Paratha