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Ray Venezia: Come Hell or Hindquarter

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Welcome to Fairway's second installment of "The Anatomy of Beef" featuring our Master Butcher, Ray Venezia. I am sure the majority of you have not seen a hind quarter of beef deconstructed. For Fairway this whole process started way back with the opening of our Plainview store. You might remember Ray doing this demonstration in our cafe. Although we had moved away from the hind quarter for a while, Ray decided to bring it back for our Paramus store opening to show our new customers the type of meat operation we run. I think this video embodies the difference between a butcher shop (us) and a meat counter (those other food markets). And that is the reason why everyone goes crazy over our meat department.
As I watched Ray and his butchers go through countless hind quarters prior to the Paramus grand opening, I decided to give it a shot myself. Let me tell you, it is not nearly as easy as Ray makes it look and in the end, Fairway felt that my participation took a backseat to keeping me together and in one piece. Unfortunately I had to tell Ray, "you're the expert. I think you can handle it yourself." I'm sure you will find this video both entertaining and educational. Enjoy.

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Ray Venezia: Come Hell Or Hindquarter Video