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Ray Venezia: The Anatomy of Beef Part 1

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Our master butcher, Ray Venezia, is fast becoming the meat authority in the industry. While we have known all along that he is the best in the business, it seems like everyone else is also starting to catch on. He has been everywhere recently: TV (Rachel Ray), the internet ( and print (The Journal News). If someone is doing a story on meat they always end up going to Ray. Just remember, we brought Ray to you first here at Discover Fairway and we will continue to be the first source to bring you all of his groundbreaking and industry changing forays into the world of meat.
This is our first webisode in a series we like to call "The Anatomy of Beef." Every time I talk to Ray about meat he always says that being a butcher is all about knowing your anatomy. Future webisodes will feature Ray taking apart a hind quarter of beef and a discussion of the porterhouse steak. This week's cut, the London broil, is great cut for the grill, is extremely versatile and is extremely cost effective. You just can't go wrong with it.

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Ray Venezia: The Anatomy Of Beef Part 1 Video