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Grilled cheese sans bread...

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Well here's an idea for ya - Grill your cheese...  It's true that NOT every type of cheese will hold up to the grill but Halloumi is one that is a perfect fit.  There's a nice article from the Boston Globe that is a good read and has a few yummy recipes...  




(Photo from the Boston Globe 1186680968_9463.jpg)

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That looks so yummy! BTW have you tried another yummy white cheese from the Balkans-Kashkaval? It is amazing how Halloumi tastes vary by origin. At the SF International food show there were displays across the aisle from each other of Cypriot, Greek, Turkish and Krete Halloumi being melted on the huge round grills and served up for comparisons. YUMMMMM Cyprus clains it is truly theirs.
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PS Halloumi can be fried until brown without melting due to its higher-than-normal melting point, making it an excellent cheese for frying or grilling (such as in saganaki), as an ingredient in salads, or simply fried and served with vegetables or in the summer with watermelon ad you have done.
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Grilled Cheese Sans Bread...