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Making popcorn

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The little one is a video making junkie - we've made hundreds of little videos doing all sorts of things. She took her first video when she was just 4 and loves to be behind the camera. She's done some commercials and did some print adds, but she prefers to be behind rather than in-front of the camera... Anyhow, before we got into bed to watch a movie tonight she pulled out the camera and said we're going to make a movie... Here it is...

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How To Make popcorn
This is a simple video showing how to make popcorn. I am only just using the popcorn machine but it’s the product that I really want you to pay attention to.

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I love the 94% fat free Orville R popcorn-make it often-healthy stuff!
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BTW Costco carries it in the case for good price!
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I've had the one you can get at Costco but try the natural one sometime - it's amazing...
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Will do, I never used to eat popcorn, but on Weight Watcher's it is an OK snack, and wow I like it! Keeps you from munching bad stuff late afternoons. I sprinkle it with za'taar, chipotle, or berbere-adds some zippy flavour.
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I'm a big fan of dusting my popcorn with something spicy...
Making Popcorn Video, How To Make Popcorn