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Healthy American Style Pizza

ngbeditor's picture How to make a delicious, much healthier American-style pizza, at home. While the recipe includes pepperoni and cheese, only 16.9% of calories come from fat in the heart care version. Three recipe versions are presented. One for heart care, one for diabetes patient care and one for weight loss diet and maintenance. Best recipe for a healthier pizza. Quick and easy to make. Garnish or dress with onions. tomatoes, muschrooms or green pepper bell and it makes a delicious tasty pizza. A strict definition of "Pizza Americana" would be hard to give, since it would keep changing as you walk from one pizza parlor to another. It would have to be thought of as an average or a hybrid of the the different variations that are preferred by the American consumer. There are many trends such as the Chicago, the New York, the Boston and the vegetarian pizza and countless others. The same phenomenon happens in Italy. A Roman pizza differs from the Calabrese, the Sicilian or the Napolitan. This recipe was made for you to modify, if you must. Note however that the nutritional values and virtues will change accordingly. Use the nutritional analysis features of your recipe software to check on the results after you modified it. You would want to make sure that you still have a healthy, low-fat and low-cholesterol pizza. For people with heart disease, diabetes type 2 or for people who are struggling to keep their weight within given values, pizza from a fast food restaurant is something they should definitely stay away from, in all circumstances. Generally, this type of pizza has a very high fat (and caloric) content. Saturated fat is high and favors the synthesis of LDL-Cholesterol (the bad fraction of cholesterol). It also contains refined flour, which is not the best for blood sugar levels or for one's weight loss target. Why do most of us want to buy a ready-made pizza? What would happen if you could very quickly make a pizza and, this time decide on which ingredients should belong there? Your pizza would end up tasting better than theirs ...with a healthy content ! In order to adjust the nutritional values to your particular needs, use the ingredients analysis features of your Cook'n or MasterCook software. Choose and enter your ingredients and then click on the icon to get the complete nutrition facts for your pizza recipe. For the heart disease care version that follows, we have used soy-based pizza pepperoni (Boca or Yves brand) to provide complete protein and very low saturated fat and to lower cholesterol content (to lower dietary cholesterol). Drained beans, such as red kidney beans could also be used instead of the soy pepperoni, to provide amino acids for protein synthesis. For a strictly vegetarian version, you may want to use a soy-based or other plant-based cheese-like product. The cardio version was used as a base. The weight loss variation of this pizza recipe aims at reducing the caloric intake while maintaining adequate nutritional values. The amount of oil was slightly reduced. So was the amount of pepperoni. 1/4 cup of chopped broccoli was added to increase the feeling of satiety. Using pita bread or dough made with unrefined whole grains also helps a lot. Balance with accompanying dishes so as not to exceed your set caloric intake. Use an oil sprayer similar to the one shown in the "directions", in order to keep the caloric intake down. Why not replace the usual cola with hM tea mix ( 1 bag black Earl Grey + 1 bag green tea ) or unsweetened ice-tea ? Diabetics will want to make sure the pizza dough or pita bread is made of whole wheat. They would also want to keep the vegetable content high, so as to provide a high fiber content. The above is a plant-based (soy) pizza recipe. Soy provides the same proteins or amino acids as meat. To bring the total fat content down to 10% of calories, one can use an oil sprayer, available in most good drugstores. Soy pepperoni (Boca's pizza pepperoni) is available in most large grocery stores but may be harder find in at "discount" banners. Drained red kidney beans could also be used as a source of protein, when combined with unrefined wholegrain cereals, such the whole wheat dough. Do not try to replace the soy pepperoni with meat-based sausages, as they are all very rich in saturated fat. They do NOT qualify as heart-friendly foods. Aim for lower blood cholesterol. Since coronary heart disease is a common complication of diabetes, keeping a low fat value for this pizza is important.

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Pizza: A Healthier And Homemade Delicious Variation
Do you love to have pizza but due to some reasons like heart disease, diabetic problem or high weigh gain; you avoid to eat pizza. You can find solution here. In this video, three versions of pizza is shown; one for heart care, other for diabetic care and third one is for weight loss diet. Now you can enjoy your favorite pizza!!!

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Healthy American Style Pizza Video, Pizza: A Healthier And Homemade Delicious Variation