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Microwave Poultry

Microwave Poultry refers to the poultry dish that has been cooked in the microwave. The poultry may be chicken, duck, fowl, or any other bird. The appropriate time and temperature settings are important to ensure a well-done final product as very high temperatures increase the chances of poultry burning and toughening and lower than required temperatures could leave it undercooked from within.

A number of poultry dishes can be prepared using the microwave technique. In fact, the defrost setting in the microwave may be used at the preliminary stage of thawing the frozen chicken in order to bring it to room temperature. However, once defrosted the poultry must be cooked immediately. Marinating the selected chicken or fowl pieces suitably and then microwaving can produce just as good results as other ways of cooking the bird.

Sometimes it is believed that healthier products may be created using a microwave by using lesser fat than normal cooking procedures.

Advantages of Microwave Cooking

  1. Convenience
  2. Faster rate of cooking as compared to conventional methods
  3. Better conservation of nutrients owing to quicker cooking
  4. Moist heat produced during microwave cooking causes the destruction of harmful bacteria and ensures uniform cooking.

Microwave Poultry Cooking Tips

1. The chicken pieces need to be arranged uniformly in a covered dish

2. Boneless pieces are preferred to avoid bursting due to pressure build up during cooking by moist heat.

3. Pouring a liquid on the chicken would prevent its drying out.

4. The lid or wrap used to cover the dish must have an outlet for steam to escape.

5. Microwave cooking of stuffed whole birds is not usually recommended as the stuffing might not reach temperatures needed for bacterial elimination. A food thermometer may be used to verify internal temperatures while cooking. It is recommended that all poultry products should attain a safe minimum internal temperature of 165 °F.