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Duckling As In Eger

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  Duck 1
  Butter 4 Tablespoon, melted
  Duck neck gizzard and wings 1
  Beef fillets 2
  Onions 2 , cut into large pieces
  Carrots 2 , cut into large pieces
  Celery stalk 1
  Flour 1 Tablespoon
  Red wine 2 Cup (32 tbs) (Hungarian Egri Bikaver)
  Beef broth 2 Cup (32 tbs)
  Garlic 2 Clove (10 gm), pressed
  Parsley 1 Tablespoon
  Thyme To Taste
  Sherry 4 Ounce (1 Glass)
  Swiss cheese 2 Tablespoon, grated
  Mushrooms 1 Cup (16 tbs) (Adjust Quantity As Needed)
  Salt To Taste
  Pepper To Taste

For the sauce, cook the neck, gizzard, wings and beef filets for a few minutes in the butter.
Add onions, carrots and celery.
Thicken with flour.
Allow to brown.
Add Egri Bikaver, or a full-bodied dry red wine, and beef broth.
Salt carefully, add pepper, garlic cloves, parsley and thyme.
Bring to boil and simmer 3 hours.
Roast well-seasoned garlic-rubbed duck about 1 1/2 hours at 350° or until done.
Cut in pieces.
Take out most of the carcass and keep warm.
Crush the carcass and put it in roasting pan after removing fat.
Add sherry and pour sauce into pan.
Cook for 15 minutes.
Strain sauce.
Crush vegetables and add again to sauce and boil for a few minutes.
Finish sauce by filtering through fine cheese cloth.
Place duck pieces in baking dish on a layer of sauteed mushrooms, cover with sauce, sprinkle with Swiss cheese and place under broiler a few minutes.

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Duckling As In Eger Recipe