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Potato Wedge

Potato wedge, simply called a wedge is a moon-shaped, golden brown colored, deep-fried potato piece commonly consumed as a snack in America. Also known as jojos, the dish is a variation of French fries.

They are called mojos in Western Canada and Western United States. They are called Kartoffelspalten or Wilde Kartoffeln in Germany and Village potatoes in Russia.

Ingredients and Preparation

Potatoes are the main ingredients of potato wedge. Washed, unpeeled potatoes are used to make this snack. After washing, the potatoes are cut into wedges using a knife. They can also be done using a special cutter blade.

The cut wedges are seasoned with spices like pepper, paprika. Garlic, oregano, thyme and other herbs can also be used to flavor it. They are battered using cornstarch or bread crumbs. This is to give it a crispier texture. If no batter is being used, it can be lightly coated with oil when seasoning.

The seasoned wedges are deep fried and served.


· Potato wedge is served hot with ketchup, cheese dips, sour cream or any other dipping sauces.

· It can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish along with a main dish like steak.

Popular Similar Dishes

· French fries are made in a similar way as wedges. It is unseasoned and has a finger like shape.

· Sweet potato wedges are also made in some parts of the world.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Commercially available potato wedge:

Serving size – 1 medium serve (102 g)

Calories – 240 cal, Fat – 12 g, Saturated fat – 3 g, Sodium – 900 mg, Total carbohydrate – 30 g, Protein – 4 g

· Commercially available wedges are generally very high in calories and fat. It is extremely high in sodium. It does not contain many nutrients. It is not advisable for consumption by people suffering from obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. High sodium can lead to increased blood pressure and hypertension. It contains about ½ of the days recommended allowance for sodium.

· Some brands claim to be trans-fat free, but recent studies have shown that it contains trans-fat which are considered very unhealthy. They cause diseases like cancer and increases risks of stroke.

· It is advisable to make healthier alternative to potato wedge. Baking can be adopted instead of deep frying to reduce the calorific value of the dish. It can be done by coating the potatoes with little oil and baking it in the oven.

Baked Potato wedge:

Serving size – 1 medium (102 g)

Calories – 130 cal, Fat – 5 g, Saturated fat – 0.5 g, Sodium – 600 mg, Total carbohydrate – 30 g, Protein – 4 g

· By simply adopting a healthier cooking technique, the calorific value of the dish is almost reduced to half.