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Jacket Potato

Jacket potato is a potato made by baking potatoes and when it is cooked properly then the interior core of the potato becomes fluffy and the crust that is the skin becomes crispy. It may be baked in microwave, in convection oven, on barbecue grill, or in open fire so that it can be easily prepared at home also. Jacket potato can be served with fillings and condiments like cheese, ham, sour cream or butter so that it becomes heavy and rich. This recipe is famous in many restaurants all over the world and is mostly prepared at home when people do not feel to cook and to save time.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Jacket Potato

The prime ingredients required for preparing jacket potato recipe are small potatoes, olive oil and salt. The initial step is to select good and small potatoes so that it is baked quickly and can retain Vitamin C. The oven is preheated for about 375 degrees Fahrenheit prior to start with the cooking of potatoes. The potatoes are to be washed thoroughly and properly so that the dirt is removed, all the buds and eyes are extracted, and then they are nicely rubbed in a towel so that the potatoes are dried.

Then the olive oil and salt is rubbed from outside of the potatoes so that it is cooked and it turns brown in color, as it is prepared. The next step is to suspend the potato on the skewers and it is to be done carefully so that the potatoes do not damage or crush. The skewer is heated quickly so that the inside of it is cooked and now a shelf is placed in an oven and the potato is baked until it is brownish in color and its skin turns crispy. After the baked potato is prepared, it is placed on a tray, then the jacket potato is divided into two halves, and it is stuffed if required.

Variations of Jacket Potato Recipe

In this dish, many variations can be brought such as some people prefer baking the potatoes the inner pulp of which is scooped out. The scooped part can be used as stuffing in the shell with various other condiments such as cheese, butter, bacons or cream. In some places, the skin of the jacket potato is removed and then is baked and in America, the baked potato is served by topping it with curry chicken, baked beans, prawn fillings and tuna. In Scotland, it is filled with haggis and in France; it is stuffed with meat dishes.

Serving Jacket Potato

It should be served hot and it can be served as a light lunch or a brunch. Jacket potato can be served with tuna, meat dishes, baked beans and it can be served itself without any stuffing or it can be used as a condiment. It is also good as a side dish with soft drinks and it is served in many parties, as it is easy to prepare.

Some Health Facts Related to Jacket Potato

Jacket potato is a healthy dish, which contains many nutritional values such as Vitamins and minerals. The baked potato is only healthy when the skin of the potato is not removed because the skin contains nutrition such as Vitamin C.