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Smoked Pork Chop

Smoked pork chop is made from the piece of pork cooked by the process of grilling over a charcoal fire. This not only cooks the meat but it also brings out the flavor of the pork. The barbeque or smoker should be placed in an open place to avoid disturbing other people around. A good marinate preparation just makes the pork chops all the more tasty. Dusting the chops with a little salt and pepper before smoking can just improve the taste. Chops are the tenderest part of the pork and that is one of the reasons why it gets cooked easily and fast. Every pork chop before being smoked is brined. This is necessary for retaining the juices in the chop along with flavor. The herbs and spices that are mixed in the salt water provide taste and aroma which is let out when the piece is smoked. Even alcoholic drinks can be added during the brining for additional flavor. For better results, soaking the chops in the mixture and keeping it in the refrigerator for a whole night is advised. A smoked pork chop can be served with stuffed potatoes or onions and a glass of apple juice.