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French Pork Confit Part 2

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Well, as you may have read in another post a few days ago, I’m getting ready to leave for Sonoma for the Dry Creek Valley “Passport” event. So, as warned, here is another older clip converted from my previous blog. It will be new to most of you and is a classic recipe. In part 1 of this 2 part demo, we will make a “brine” for a pork shoulder which in part 2 we will then “confit.” If you saw our duck confit clips you already know that confit means to cook meat for a very long time, at a low temperature in its own fat and juices. For this pork version we are going to brine the pork first, for 48 hours, to make it even more succulent.
For recipe ingredients, please refer to the video.

For recipe directions, please refer to the video.

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Main Dish
Meaty, Smooth
Pork, Pork Butt
Roasting The Brined Pork
Here is a wonderful adaptation of the traditional method, suited for the home chef. Those who have seen the Part 1 of this recipe, here is the second part where Chef John teaches how to slow roast the brined pork. He serves the pork confit very simply, as a classic Chacuterie plate, with mustard, cornichons, olives and pickled red onions. Throw in a couple slices of toasted dark bread and you are in Charcuterie heaven.

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French Pork Confit Part 2 Recipe Video, Roasting The Brined Pork