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Loin Of Pork

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  Pork loin roast 4 Pound

Place an inverted saucer or a microwave roasting rack in the bottom of an oblong baking dish.
Place pork fat side down on baking dish.
Cover protruding bones with pieces of foil.
Microwave for 20 minutes on high.
Remove foil and turn roast fat side up.
Microwave, covered loosley with waxed paper, for 20 minutes on high, or until meat thermometer registers 170°F.
Let stand, covered with foil, until meat registers cooking time for pork on meat thermometer. (Loin of pork should be cooked 10 to 11 minutes per pound.
When meat is being cooked, fat side up you may season it very lightly with salt and pepper or brush it very lightly with a barbecue sauce to give it a brown color when served.

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Loin Of Pork Recipe