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Barbecued Ribs Part 1: Cooking

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Bar-B-Q! Enough said! Actually, this is all about Spare Ribs. Dave Curlee, Kat Curlee€™s husband, has always wanted to be known among friends as €œThe Rib Guy€, yet has never made ribs. For this week€™s show, Dave learns to make Spare Ribs. You€™re not going to want to miss this one!
  Spare rib slabs 2
  Seasoning To Taste (Cavenders All Purpose Greek Seasoning And Sugar)
  Beer 750 Milliliter (1 Bottle, Your Choice)

1. Make a fire! In one end of your bar-b-que pit, start a fire.
2. Mix seasonings to your liking. Use Emeril€™s rub as base.
3. Rub seasoning on both sides of ribs.
4. Place ribs on pit, out of reach of fire. (See Pic 2)
5. Let ribs braze / sear for 10-20 minutes, depending on fire temp. Keep out of direct flame, charring will occur.
6. Place each rib rack on aluminum foil.
7. Begin to wrap and pour half bottle of beer in bottom of foil pouch.
8. Seal foil pouch
9. Place rib pouch on pit, next to fire, but no direct contact.
10. Let ribs steam for 3-4 hours depending on temp.
11. Pit temp should be ~220-240 degrees.
12. Cook until meat is tender. You want the meat to literally fall off the bone.
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Do you enjoy the occasional well done pork rib? Well even if you’re not…this video will definitely tempt you! The 1st part of a 2-part video, here is Dave Curlee, Kat’s husband doing this first time ever!! He shows you how to rub the meat well, and set it on the grill!

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Barbecued Ribs Part 1: Cooking Recipe Video