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Glazed Pork Roast

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This glazed pork roast recipe is a microwaved pork recipe. Prepared with teriyaki sauce for the glaze along with added brown sugar, the pork is flavored with garlic, ginger root and sherry. Served with a cooked and thickened marinade, it is convenient and easily prepared.
  Boneless boston butt 3 Pound (1, Pork Shoulder Roast)
  Teriyaki sauce 1 Cup (16 tbs)
  Brown sugar 3 Tablespoon, packed
  Dry sherry 3 Tablespoon
  Minced fresh ginger root 1 Teaspoon
  Garlic 1 Clove (5 gm), minced
  Water 1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
  Sugar 2 Tablespoon
  Cornstarch 1 Tablespoon

Microwave Directions: Pierce meaty parts of roast with fork; place in large plastic bag.
Combine teriyaki sauce, brown sugar, sherry, ginger and garlic; pour over roast.
Press air out of bag; tie top securely.
Refrigerate 8 hours or overnight, turning bag over occasionally.
Reserving marinade, remove roast and place, fat side down, in 8x8-inch shallow microwave-safe dish.
Brush thoroughly with reserved marinade.
Cover roast loosely with waxed paper.
Microwave on Medium-high (70%) 30 minutes, or until meat thermometer inserted into thickest part registers 165°F, rotating dish once and brushing with marinade.
Remove roast; let stand 10 minutes before slicing.
Meanwhile, combine reserved marinade, water, sugar and cornstarch in 2-cup microwave-safe measuring cup.
Microwave on High 3 minutes, until mixture boils and thickens, stirring occasionally.

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Glazed Pork Roast Recipe