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Thin Crust Pizza

Thin crust pizza is a variation of the regular pizza base. It is an oven baked dish, which is flat and round in shape and is toppings with vegetables or chicken. The toppings would depend on the culture and cuisine of different countries. As the name suggests, thin crust pizza is perfect for those who like the pizza toppings more than the base. It doesn’t fill up the stomach quickly and is made without yeast. It is popular because of the less calorie content as compared to the regular thick pizza base. Thin crust pizza recipe is almost similar to the regular pizza the toppings remain the same. However, the crust is prepared differently. Although the crust is thin, it can be firm and may have a crunchy effect. It scores high on taste and is a healthier option since it uses less dough, which means there is less consumption of refined flour.

History of Thin Crust Pizza

The origin of pizza can be dated back to a time when ancient Greeks consumed bread topped with herbs, cheese and oil. However, this version of pizza was very different from what is eaten now. The modern pizza was invented in Italy. It was referred as the Neapolitan pie and was eaten with tomato. Since then, the thin crust pizza and the thick crust ones have seen major changes. It is now prepared differently to suit different taste buds. Currently there are different types of pizza’s like Pizza Romana, Pizza Vinnese, White Pizza, Ripieno and so on. There are non-Italian types of pizza’s too. The thin crust pizza recipe is different in countries like Australia, India, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea and US.

Common Ingredients and Preparation Method Suggested by Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

The thin crust pizza base is made from wheat flour, but it is the refined version of wheat flour. Yeast is commonly used in for making the thick base. Yeast helps in making the base puffy. However, the thin base is made without yeast. The dough is kneaded until it is smooth and elastic and is baked in an oven with the toppings. The thin crust pizza toppings may differ widely depending on various cultures and cuisines.

Serving Style of Thin Crust Pizza

The thin crust pizza recipe is served hot from the oven. It may be garnished with cottage cheese pieces and oregano seasoning. Red chili flakes and tomato ketchup are a good accompaniment with a pizza. When the thin crust pizza is just out of the oven, the smell and taste of melted cheese can tantalize the taste buds. Health and Nutritional Value of Thin Crust Pizza Pizza is high in fat and calorie content. It also contains high levels of salt. The thin crust option is better because it reduces the content of refined flour, which is not so easy to digest.