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Sugar Free Pecan Pie

Sugar free pecan pie is prepared like a regular pecan pie but contains artificial sweetener instead of regular sugar. Also, known as diabetic pecan pie or diabetes friendly pecan pie, this dessert is relished the most by people who have restricted the intake of sugar due to health reasons or are on a weight loss diet.

Sugar free pecan pie is delicious, sweet and chewy and unlike regular pecan pie, it is made of whole wheat and is free of corn syrup, refined sugar and milk. A sugar free pecan pie can be made as a single crust or a multi-crust pie.

Now a days, with increasing health awareness, these sugar free pies are easily available in bakeries and confectioner’s shops.

Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used In Sugar Free Pecan Pie

Ingredients- The ingredients which are commonly used for the preparation of diabetic pecan pie include pecan, brown rice syrup, vanilla, minced ginger, salt, flax, rice, arrowroot powder and stevia.

Preparation- To make the pie, the pastry is lined in a pastry pan and kept aside. Brown rice syrup, vanilla, ginger and salt are combined in a saucepan and heated. Arrowroot, ground flax, and rice milk are added to the mixture and beaten well. Toasted pecans are added to the mixture and it is then poured in the crust and baked until set.

Popular Variations of Diabetic Pecan Pie Recipe

Chocolate chip pecan pie- A delicious dessert for those who avoid consuming sugar, this pie is made by sugar free chocolate chips, stevia, chopped pecans and whole wheat pastry.

Honey pecan pie- A variation to sugar free pecan pie, this pie makes use of honey instead of refined sugar. The pie tastes delicious and is served with topping of grape nuts.

Nutritional Facts of Sugar Free Pecan Pie

Pecans are a rich source of healthy fats and proteins. These nuts when consumed in the form of pie, make for a healthy snack. Since, the pies are made using artificial sugar; they do not contribute to the weight and calories as regular sugars. Also, the proteins in pecans help in stabilizing blood sugar level in the human body.