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Plum Pie

Plum Pie is one of the most loved desserts and is relished with great joy by most people. Plum pie recipes are easy to follow and make especially for special occasions such as birthdays, parties and get-togethers. How to make a delicious plum pie is explained well and in a really simple manner in most plum pie recipes. Pastry is required to make the double crust pie along with tapioca, sliced fresh plums, butter, cinnamon and sugar. The pie plate has to be lined with the pastry and the mixture of tapioca, sugar, salt, cinnamon and plums have to be poured into the pie plate. The butter too needs to be added a little and then the remaining pastry has to be rolled carefully so that it covers the fruit mixture. Several slits need to be cut into the pie to allow steam to escape and then it can be baked for almost an hour. Once the crust turns brown, it means the plum pie is ready.