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Lemonade Pie

Pies are a favorite of many people and one of the most popular options is a Lemonade Pie. These are prepared usually by using a lemon concentrate but natural lemon juice can also be used. The use of freshly squeezed juice is something that cannot be replicated. Different lemonade pie recipes give different results but the end result is always excellent. A lemonade pie is one of the best options for serving as a dessert and is equally popular in most countries. Almost all lemonade pie recipes use baking instead of frying thereby drastically reducing the fat content. This makes a lemonade pie the first choice of people who are trying to lose weight and improve their health. The most popular options available are meringue pies, cream pies, cheese pies and sponge pies all of which use lemon juice. The best part is that more and more chefs, whether in small restaurants or high class establishments are offering these pies to their customers.