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Lemon Ice Box Pie

Lemon Ice Box Pie is a very popular dessert that is made by using eggs, lemon juice and condensed milk along with a pie crust. The method of preparing this dessert is quite similar to the method followed while making other popular pies such as key lime pie. The only difference between both methods is the use lemon juice instead of lime juice in the former dessert. The dessert can be easily identified by its pale yellow color that comes from the combinations of eggs, lemons and condensed milk. Other versions of the same dish include sweetened condensed milk, frozen lemonade, and whipped topping.

Ingredients Used and Method of Making: Lemon Ice Box Pie Recipe

Lemon Ice Box Pie is typically made by using some simple ingredients that includes sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice, graham cracker pie crust and chilled whipped cream. All these regular ingredients are used to make this simple pie dish, which is mainly chilled product. All the ingredients are added in a large size bowl and mixed properly. The mixed is then added over the graham cracker pie crust. It is then placed in the refrigerator for a definite period. Once the pie is chilled, the whipped cream is poured on the top.

Serving Lemon Ice Box Pies

The dessert is served mostly during summers to beat the heat. However, the pie can also be eaten anytime of the year owing to its refreshing after-effect. Mostly served chilled, this dessert is a common breakfast item. The dessert is often accompanied with raspberry preserve or may be raspberry sauce. Apart from this, raspberry sorbet can also be served along with the chilled pie. All these raspberry sauces are usually poured over the pie crust to make it look extra appetizing. Some chilled strawberry ice cream can also be placed in the same serving dish along with this dessert pie. Lemon ice box pie is often also decorated with some basil leaves on the top and thinly grated cheese.