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Frito Pie

Frito Pie is a Mexican-dinner-dilemma, with Frito corn chips being the essential ingredient. The dish is really satisfying and is very quick to prepare, where all the ingredients are readily available in the pantry. Apart from Frito corn chips, there are several other types of corn chips available in the market. However the texture, crispiness and taste of Frito corn chips are distinctive and unique, which no other brand has been able to copy till date. The entire taste and flavor of the Frito pie dish would be lost if some other form or brand of chips, apart from Frito corn chips, is used for preparing this popular Mexican dish.

The dish is quite popular in south west and south US; with great popularity in states of New Mexico, California and Texas.

Frito Pie Recipe - Origin

The precise and true origin of Frito Pie is still not known. However, there are several stories which follow the early stages of this dish.

According to one story, the origin of the dish lies with Elmer Doolin's mother, the founder of Frito Lay. Here it is clamed that Daisy Dean Doolin invented the dish after the creation of Frito chip in 1932.

Another story claims that Frito Pie has its origin in 1960s, where Teresa Hernández came up with the dish in Santa Fe, in New Mexico, while working at FW Woolworth’s counter.

Frito Pie Recipe- Ingredients

Frito pie ingredients include Frito corn chips, cheese and chili. Other ingredients like refried beans, salsa, jalapenos and rice may also be used for preparing the dish. Leftover home made chili or canned chili can also be used to prepare the popular Frito dish.

Frito Pie Recipe – Preparation

Frito Pie can be prepared in various ways. The simplest form of Frito pie recipe makes use of Frito corn chips, cheese and chili to prepare the popular Mexican dish. Other recipes make use of green chilies, jalapenos and onions to prepare the dish. All the ingredients are added as per the taste and the preference of an individual.

All the ingredients, except cheese, are collected together and mixed well. Thereafter, the entire thing is smothered in cheese and baked in a pan, and served. Due to large amount of Frito corn chips being used in the dish, the chips tend to get a little moistened when they are baked. However, they do not get damp because of chilies.

Frito Pie Recipe- Alternative Method of Preparation

An alternative way to prepare Frito pie makes use of small serving bag containing corn chips. Taco meat or chili is poured over the corn chips and the mixture is then topped with lettuce, onions, jalapenos, sour cream and cheese. This method of preparation of Frito Pie is sometimes referred to as walking taco or Frito boat in Mid-western US.

Popularity of Frito Pie

This Frito pie dish is popularly sold in sports events, schools, state fairs, and fund raising events. It is no doubt that the dish is messy, but it is the favorite of many people and satisfies the hunger of many kids and adults.