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Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is a much preferred fruit pie, primarily baked with a cherry filling in a double crust pastry pie shell. Cherry pies are very popular in America, Europe and Asia and a favourite with kids and adults alike. Cherry pies are easy to make and prepared using ingredients like cherries, flour, pie crusts, sugar and cream. Specially made from Morello cherries, fresh or canned, salt, butter and flavorings are other ingredients used in this dish. Quick cooking tapioca is sometimes added to thicken the cherry pie mix. Also, often flavored with almond and vanilla extracts, and garnished with powdered cinnamon, cherry pie is usually made slightly spicy, although more on the sweeter side. Unlike the other fruit pies, cherry pies almost require only less sugar, as the cherries themselves tend to be too sweet for the pie. Cherry pies has to be baked well, else there is a tendency for the filling to bubble out juice when cut to serve.Cherry pies are mostly prepared during the cherry season and the dessert is characterised by its aroma and mouthwatering looks.