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Cheese Pie

Homemade pie crust filled with cheese-raisin mix makes an amazing cheese pie for any occasion. Originating from the region of Greece, cheese pie is different from normal cheese cake. The cheese pie crust is supposedly much crispier than cheese cake crust.

Ingredients Used In Making Cheese Pie Recipes:

The crust making is very crucial for a cheese pie recipe. A lot depends on how the well kneaded all-purpose flour dough is pitted in the bottom of the baking pan. Ingredients used in making cheese pie are almost similar to other cake recipes and include eggs, flour, vanilla extract, sugar, orange peel, butter or margarine and definitely with the addition of cheese (Ricotta/Romano). Egg whites blended with cheese, lemon juice and butter makes a delicious creamy pie filling.

Cheese Pie Topping:

In addition to the raisins that are mixed in the pie filling, some more can be added as a topping once the cheese pie is baked properly. Besides raisins, chopped cashews or almonds can also be used as the dessert topping. Cheese pie, like most other pie recipes are never served hot. After removing carefully from the baking pan and cooling it for a while, cheese pie is ready to eat!