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Caramel Pie

Caramel Pie is a very rich and delicious sweet pie variety, primarily made using brown sugar, beaten eggs, flour, milk, butter, cream of tartar and flavorings. A true caramel lover’s dessert, caramel pie mainly uses graham cracker crust or baked pie crust. The old fashioned caramel pie is made by caramelizing the sugar in an iron skillet, then mixed with the rest of the ingredients, which is later poured over the pie crust and cooked. Caramel pie often takes in generous garnishing, with pecans, walnuts and the like. Although toppings may vary, fans swear upon caramel sauce topping to best enjoy the caramel pie. The low-fat variations of the caramel pie may be made by using low-fat condensed milk and also by substituting the normal caramel sauce by its fat-free counterpart.