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Horseradish Pickle

Horseradish Pickle is a dish from Britain which refers to a classic, rich, and flavorful pickle made of horseradish root that is pickled in salted white vinegar, so as to maintain the freshness of horseradish for later use. Horseradish can also be combined with dill pickle or cucumbers for enhanced flavor and distinct taste.

Horseradish Pickle Recipe- Ingredients Used and Preparation Overview


The ingredients required in preparation of this pickle consist of white pickling vinegar, salt, and horseradish root.


The preparation of the pickle is very simple, which involves placing grated horseradish (after washing it properly with warm water and getting rid of the skin) in a glass jar, and pouring a mix of salt and white vinegar on top of horseradish root contained in the jar. The jar is sealed properly and the pickle is stored for future use.

Horseradish Pickle Recipe- Variations

There are various variations of horseradish based pickle, which involve adding several other ingredients to the basic recipe. A few recipe variations are discussed below:

  • Horseradish dill pickle is one of the popular recipe variations, which involves the use of dill pickles, sugar, vinegar, and horseradish as the ingredients. The dill pickles are drained, soaked in cold water for around half an hour, again drained, and all the other ingredients are mixed and poured over drained dill pickles. The dill based horseradish pickle is allowed to stand throughout the night and consumed the next day.

  • In another variation, dill pickles are drained and soaked in cold water throughout the night, the water is drained, and the pickles are sliced from the middle, which are stuffed with grated horseradish. Thereafter, a mix of vinegar, water, sugar and salt is boiled, poured over the pickles in glass jar, and refrigerated for around three to four days before use.

  • One of the variations involves the use of cucumbers in the recipe. The cucumbers are washed properly and cut into medium sized slices along the length, placed in a gallon jar, and covered with a mix of other ingredients viz vinegar, salt, white sugar, horseradish and dry mustard, with the prepared cucumber based horseradish pickle allowed to stand for a month before serving.