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No Cooking Dill Pickles

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  Whole cucumbers 1 Gallon (Small To Medium)
  Dill sprigs 10 (About A Foot Long, With Flower Heads)
  Garlic cloves 6 Medium
  Grape leaves 8 Large (Fresh, If Available, They Make The Pickles Stay Crisp)
  Fresh jalapeno pepper/1 long green chili / 2 teaspoon hot pepper sauce 1⁄2
  Salt/5 tablespoon salt substitute made of potassium chloride etc, for low sodium diet, if approved by your physician 6 Tablespoon
  Prepared horseradish/The equivalent of fresh horseradish root cut into thin strips 4 Tablespoon
  White vinegar 3 Pint (Approximate)
  Water 2 Pint (Approximate)
  Bay leaves/2 calif. bay, split in half 4

Line bottom of gallon jar with 3 or 4 grape leaves, if using them.
Add to bottom of jar 2 or 3 sprigs of dill & pack in cucumbers vertically, as many as will stand up on bottom of jar.
Having peeled and cut up the garlic (about 6 pieces each clove), drop one half of it among the cucumbers and add one half the horseradish, 2 bay leaves and one half the shredded, seeded chili pepper or 1 tsp.pepper sauce, whichever you are using.
Add a few more sprigs of dill, flower heads on top and poking the stems down among the cucumbers.
Add one half the salt, or substitute.
Finish packing the jar with cucumbers, putting the remaining garlic, bay leaves, horseradish and chili pepper among it, and the dill, with its heads toward the top of the jar.
Do not pack the jar full above its "shoulder."Tuck the remaining grape leaves over the top of the pack, after having added the remaining salt, or salt substitute.
Pour in 3 cups of vinegar, then 2 cups of water.
Add additional liquid in the proportion of 3 parts vinegar plus 2 parts water, to fill jar so as to cover the packed vegetables.
Tuck a plastic lid between the shoulder and the neck of the jar, to hold the pickles about half an inch below the surface of the liquid.
Note: If using a straight-sided crock or a glass or enamel container (NEVER A METAL ONE), weight pickles down with a small glass or china plate or two.
Cover loosely.
In a few days, when set in a cool cupboard or anywhere out of the direct sunlight, the pickles will turn from bright green to a dullyellowish pickle green.
They are then ready to eat.
They will, if not eaten, keep a month or two in the jar.
For longer storage, drain off juice, bring it to a boil and pour it over the pickles in the strainer.
Then pack the pickles into sterilized canning jars (sliced, if you wish), reboil the juice and pour it HOT over the pickles and seal the jars.
If not enough juice, add 3 parts vinegar plus 2 parts water, boiling hot, to fill jars.
Note:This method also works for dill pickled green beans, zucchini or okra, or whole green tomatoes.
A few sticks of celery or slices of onion are a good addition to these vegetables, but not to cucumbers.
Herbs and spices may be added or omitted to taste, so long as you use dill, salt, garlic, vinegar and water as above.
Pack smaller vegetables in quarts.

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