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Methioo ( Mango And Fenugreek Pickle In Oil )

  Raw mango 2 Kilogram
  Coarse salt 1⁄2 Kilogram
  Mustard seeds 100 Gram
  Kashmiri chili powder 100 Gram
  Fenugreek 250 Gram
  Turmeric powder 50 Gram
  Cumin 50 Gram
  Asafoetida 5 Gram
  Sesame oil 2 Kilogram

1. Take a large thali and mix all the salt and masalas and spread a layer of this mixture at the bottom of a large pickle jar. Then spread a thick layer of mango pieces and cover with a layer of the salt mixture. Do this till all the mango pieces are used up.
2. For three days turn the pickle up and down. On the third day heat two kgs. of sesame oil. Cool and empty into the pickle jar till the mango pieces are totally submerged. The oil should form a thick layer over the mango pieces.
3. Check on the pickle twice a month. It should be ready for consumption within three months.

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Methioo ( Mango And Fenugreek Pickle In Oil ) Recipe