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Icicle Pickles 11 Day Pickles

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  Fresh cucumbers 6 Quart (4 inch size, 1 basket)
  Pickling salt 2 Cup (32 tbs)
  Boiling water 4 Cup (64 tbs) (adjust quantity as needed to cover)
  Powdered alum 1 Tablespoon
  Cider vinegar 12 1⁄2 Cup (200 tbs)
  White sugar 16 Cup (256 tbs)
  Whole mixed pickling spice 3 Tablespoon

First day: wash, dry, and cut cucumbers in half, lengthwise.
Put in a crock.
Dissolve the salt in the gallon of water and cover the cucumbers.
Add more brine in the same proportions if necessary.
Let stand 4 days.
The brine will ferment.
Fifth day: drain brine from pickles and cover with clear boiling water.
Let stand 24 hours.
Sixth day: drain.
Dissolve alum in enough boiling water to cover the cucumbers.
Pour over the cucumbers and let stand 24 hours.
Seventh day: drain.
Combine the cider vinegar, 8 cups of the sugar, and whole pickling spice.
Heat to boiling point and pour over the cucumbers.
Let stand 24 hours.
Eighth day: drain syrup from the cucumbers.
Heat to the boiling point.
Dissolve 2 cups of the remaining sugar in the syrup.
Pour over the cucumbers.
Ninth day and tenth day: repeat eighth day.
Eleventh day: drain syrup.
Place cucumbers in hot sterilized jars.
Heat syrup to boiling point.
Add the last 2 cups of sugar.
Pour syrup over pickles in jars, straining out the spices.

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