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Top Chef Winner Hosea Rosenberg Is In Love With His Knife!

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Hosea Rosenberg, the American chef of Top Chef Fifth Season winner fame, tells that knife is his favorite kitchen essential and he even takes to compare a perfect knife with a perfect person.

I wanted to attach the video herewith, but, the system doesn’t allow me to. So, thought of penning it down. Here is how he describes his favorite knife –

“A prefect knife is like a perfect person; it’s balanced, it’s sharp, it’s sexy to look at, you wanna hold it, wanna use it, wanna be with it all the time and it makes you look better!”

Wow! That has been the best ever comment on knife I have ever heard! – here is the link where you can see the video!

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Well Chef next time try updating the video on the post.
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Hi there! Thanks for leaving a comment! I have left the link there, where you can watch the video. I did try uploading the video with the blog, but the blog editors was missing yesterday and that was the reason I couldn't upload the video. :) If i get any such interesting news, would definitely share with all you guys and if they come with video, i will sure upload that! Thanks!
Top Chef Winner Hosea Rosenberg Is In Love With His Knife!