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My Best Brownies

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My friend called me for some quick bites at Bagels & Brownies located in GK 1, Pamposh Enclave. Though I was aware of the oulet, this was my first visit. And the experience was amazing. We started with the Grand Marnier and After Eight brownie. They tasted divine and I must say they were the best brownies I ever tried.


The outlet offers more than 20 varieties of brownies including a Low calorie/diet brownie for those who are trying to shed their extra kilos. The staff in black shirts at the outlet also prepare some really mean and tempting bagel sandwiches, a must have at the outlet.


The one with Ham & sausage filling is not to be missed. Even if you are a vegetarian, there is a lot on offer. I am looking forward to visiting Bagels & Brownies soon again. And yes, the cookies and muffins which we brought home were rich & decadent.


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I recently ordered what I believe are the best brownies I've ever tasted from a company based in the US in Maryland. It's called and the brownies are like lollipops - they come on a stick. I tried one of every flavor - delicious, melt in your mouth flavors like caramel coconut and chocolate mint. My very favorite is the cream cheese lollipop brownies. What's cool is that they are dipped in handmade chocolate but on a stick so your hands don't get all gooey and chocolate-y. Definitely worth a try! - Veta
My Best Brownies