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Refrigerator - Windows to your Soul!

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Isn’t it surprising that clues to a person and their  lifestyle can lie in mundane things like how their  refrigerator looks and what it contains . In his exploration of hunger, Mark Menjvars attempts to connect a person with his food consumption habits by photographing their refrigerators. His mission result is a brilliant photographic discourse that covers the idiom “You are what you eat”!



Have fun checking out the photo and make your own inferences about the photographed refrigerators and their owners under various demographics.




Owner of a Defunct Amusement Park and a former WW II Prisoner of War living alone



This is the refrigerator of a Street Advertiser who lives alone on a tight budget of $432  per month.



Midwife and Middle School Science Teacher lives with her family. This is the picture of her refrigerator the week after she decided to switch to locally grown vegetables.


Bar Tender who lives alone. He goes to sleep at 8AM and wakes up at 4 PM daily.


Refrigerator of a blind community volunteer who lives alone.



A College Student who lives with two friends. He is a drummer for a Death Metal band.



The best refrigerator photo. A Short Order Cook who lives in a  2-Person Household. She can bench press over 300lbs. Note that she has a rattle snake in her refrigerator.


You can check out more pictures at this website. Maybe it is time to peek into your refrigerator and wonder what it tells about you. If I have learned something from these photos, then it is that every refrigerator has a story to tell…one of the reasons why I refill the refrigerator before my parent’s visit!!


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Refrigerator - Windows To Your Soul!