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Bus Shelters May Leave You Embarrassed!

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So, when in Amsterdam, be sure to watch your weight, coz, it may so happen that you walk into some bus shelter to catch your route-bus and have to walk off embarrassed!

Yes, these days the bus shelters in Amsterdam comes with weight announcers. For all those who are unhappy about their body weight, you dare not sit on the bench in the bus shelter.

But, if you seem to be an optimist, these bus shelters fitted with weight meters can be a reminder, cuing you if it’s high time you shed some extra pounds.

The same applies to those scary skinny souls; it can even happen that you are actually sitting on the bench and the weight meter displays the figure 0!

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These bus stops can be quite embrassing if you are a weight watcher and already conscious of your weight. However, if you do take it positively it may just prove to be your inspiration to shed those extra pounds.
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Yes exactly! As I have mentioned there, it can be vice versa - both embaressing and inspiring that too for both the obese and skinny persons! Was wondering, how it would be when the whole world thinks of employing the same; one think is sure, bus shelters wouldn't be any crowded then on! :)
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Thats true Addison .. reading my weight depresses i always run away from weighing machines..guess i will do the same if i come across one of these bus shelters..i mean who wants a public humiliation! But i also think that this can lead to a lot of discrimination and some really crude people might just use this to humiliate people!..
Bus Shelters May Leave You Embarrassed!