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An Interview with The Tortilla Guy at Tango with Mango Event

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Interview With Tortilla Guy At The Tango With Mango Event
Sherry, host, at the Purnima Restaurant, interviews Tortilla Guy at the Tango with Mango Event. If you want to know more about the interview, you should watch the video!

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Bxredman's picture
Nice dude rocking !!! Nice babe too
Tumaros.Tortilla's picture
Go Tortilla Guy !!!
Good.Cook's picture
Cool video. Look out for my private message about this video. Just looking out for a future celebrity. Chaz
Mermaid's picture
i'm a DORK!! :-P
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
No Mermaid I am ......................... The Tortilla Guy
Hyde.Ray's picture
Sherry I like your Hawain dress, matches with Mango theme.
Hyde.Ray's picture
By the way did u get chance to kick ass of the tortilla guy?
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
No way Hyde I had my super powers that night !!! The Tortilla Guy
Mermaid's picture
hi kids, i hope all of you are doing well. bxredman - thank you for the nice comment! :) hyde ray - thank you as well, i like my dress too! :) no, i didn't to kick tortilla guy's ass, but i'm sure i will next time. the tortilla guy - dude, you're lucky i was in a dress that night. good luck if you see me in jeans next time. ;) lol kidding. yippy yay!
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Long time no see Mermaid!'s picture
Hey Tortilla Guy, What's Tango with Mango? Don't get it but cool video though. Chris
bshaw's picture
Mango Mania..... Let's Wrap those Mangos.... B
An Interview With The Tortilla Guy At Tango With Mango Event Video, Interview With Tortilla Guy At The Tango With Mango Event