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I love hot sauce but this is ridiculous…

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At the Fancy Food Show I had a chance to stop by the Extreme Food booth and try some of Blair’s Mega Death sauce.  Let me start by saying I love hot and spicy sauces/foods.  I’ve tried all types of hot sauce and you’ll rarely find me without a bottle of one type or another.  They were giving out their little skull key chains (dubbed a purple heart by them) if you took of shot of the Mega Death sauce.  You had to start with the original which is packed with flavor and in its own right is pretty hot.  I was warned – not once but multiple times about the Mega Death being 10 times hotter.  Blair even added “I’ve seen 300 pound guys go down with one shot of this”.  Well I’m 260 and I don’t scare easily – I had to do it…  One little shot of the Mega Death sauce and I couldn’t hold a coherent thought for about 5/10 minutes after it hit my tongue.  It was so hot within 30 seconds my feet felt like they were on fire.  All I could think of was water, and then somehow remembered that that would only make it hotter. Since I didn’t have any milk on hand I turned to chocolate and candy – I had just left the French section and had chocolate / candy samples galore in my bag.  It didn't kill the heat but it did help a bit...  Oddly enough once you get past the scorching fire that’s dancing on your tongue it has a great flavor.   You can pick out the ginger, molasses and guava wrapped up in the fire.  The flavor was not so great that I’m itching to do a shot of it again, but I can see cooking with it.  A few dashes in a pot of chili would set it on fire…  So if you want to feel totally alive – I wouldn’t take a whole shot but put a drop on your tongue…


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I Love Hot Sauce But This Is Ridiculous…