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ExtraTasty Takes Bartending Online

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Drinks, hot or cold, you have your online bartender to help you with! 

Whether it’s a booze party or a formal dinner get-together, now you needn’t worry about what drink to serve and probably how to mix it! 

Last weekend it was my boyfriend’s birthday and he had called a few of my friends and his for a booze party at home, well needless to say, comfortably putting the task of arranging everything on me. Well, it was his birthday and I probably couldn’t say no. Everything from decoration to food was something I could handle with ease, but drinks!!! That wasn’t probably my cup of tea, could be because I am a non-drinker or just coz I was so damn sure that I am gonna terribly spoil the drink by playing the bartender. But I call it luck, when I accidentally bumped into this site called – an online drink recipe site. 

Everything from hot to cold drinks, the site maintains a vast database and apart from searching, one could also submit drink recipes, rate, comment and do a great deal of social networking at ExtraTasty

Well, back to the booze party, I could manage to whip up and mix some exciting drink recipes with the help of this online bartender, so if you like drinking social, now you know where to go!

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ExtraTasty Takes Bartending Online