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Things I Learned While Making Ice Cream for the First Time

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Okay, so I decided to make ice cream for my girlfriend for St. Valentines' Day (a "Holiday" which I do not celebrate: Why is the medieval feast of a man who was clubbed/stoned/beheaded/drug through the streets in Rome for marrying Christians made to be a day when I am supposed to buy flowers/chocolate/diamonds etc. for someone who/when I can find perfectly good reasons to do that throughout the year...but I digress)

Now first and foremost, this is a sort of 'special' occasion as:

1) I don't have an ice cream maker so everything needs to be done by hand (except the freezing I guess, as I cannot do that by hand......yet)

2) I've never made ice cream before so it will probably be an adventure of sorts as I will be guessing not only on flavour, but on equiptment etc.

Before I even start, I have a decision to make: flavour. Now I understand that I do not have a great deal of experience in making Ice Cream (being the first time and all...I'm not dillusional....yet) so I want to go with something that has a very good chance at being tasty, and something that will not hinder the freezing process (liquour for example) so I start with some vanilla...but, in my usual way, figure that is too simple (psh, vanilla ice cream? Come on Shaun, you can make something harder than that......okay maybe I'm a little dillusional) So I look at what else I have kicking around that I could use for flavouring:

Cocoa: nah, chocolate/vanilla

Chocolate Chips: Sounds stressful with the churning

Coconut: Yeah...I don't have enough

Cinnamon: Hmmmmm Vanilla cinnamon it is

I decided to go with an English Custard/Ice cream recipe which I figure will be undoubtably rich. The first thing I learn is the wonders of boiling milk/cream together and the shear amount of expansion the aforementioned ingredients undergo. While I'm using one of my larger saucepans it is (of course) not large enough. As I fight the milk tide, I pull the mixture from the stove (as soon as the mixture boiled it was time to pull anyway to mix the mixture with the egg yolks) However the saucepan/I am now covered in a wonderful foam/film (now browned from the heat on the saucepan, and stared at on me)

Now, covered in a fine, creamy film, I continue my adventure through the ladeling process (slowly adding the milk/cream mixture to the egg yolks and constantly mixing) and it comes time for cooking the custard. You would think (based on my decsion making/how the cooking is going thus far) that something horrible would happen here...but it actually went perfectly fine..I had a warm, shiny custard with little to no egg chunks within (Shaun 1, Ice Cream 1)

The recipe called for the custard to be be placed in a freezer, and then stirred every twenty minutes for two hours (stirring to ensure that large ice crystals don't form and the ice cream is smooth). I have the day off, so all I am doing is watching futball and doing some writing and this 'every 20 minutes' set up does not sound too bad.

The first twenty: still pretty warm, I stir and replace in the freezer (spending my twenty enjoying a shower to rid myself of the milk film)

20 ii: Still warm, stir, replace

20 iii: End of the first hour, yet still slightly warm...I grow concerned about my freezer temperature, re-organize the freezer a bit

20 iv: all cool, okay, we're getting there

 20 v: no change

20 vi: so according to the recipe, this should be is still basically just cold cinnamon milk...I recheck the recipe: Oh, two hours from COLD custard (Shaun 1, Ice Cream 2)

I'll skip ahead a bit:

Hour iii: getting there

Hour iv: starting to get ice cream shavings on the edges

Hour v: Soft serve consistency! DONE! (ish) We have already eaten dinner (Lamb Shoulder chops with a mango jasmine rice) and we finally try the ice cream: Vanilla-Cinnamon: Fantastic! 

 All in all, I was entertained (it was a sort of cooking adventure) and I ended up with a product I was quite happy with (as was the aforementioned girlfriend), but I like to think I've learned a few things along the way which I will hopefully remember to use the next time I decide to either try making ice cream...or in the case of carefully reading the recipe, you know...always. 

Or perhaps maybe I am just dillusional.

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Welcome to Thanks for sharing your experience. The process is fun and your narration is great. What matters is that you enjoyed it.
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well written! thanks for sharing your experience with us. i too go through my share of fun (mostly) when i'm experimenting with cooking. your profile indicates that you're 'creatively inclined'. it'll be great to read more stuff from you.
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Very enjoyable read! My husband makes wonderful ice cream - custard method. My favourite is fresh nectarine-raspberry. There were actually three Valentine's according to Catholic history. The reinvention of Saint Valentine's Day in the 1840s is perhaps what Valentine's Day is based upon. Shanti/Mary-Anne
PengemuS's picture
Thanks for checking out my misadventures :) I have really enjoyed reading a great deal of your blogs/posts as well as I have wandered around the site. As for the Feast of Saint Valentine turning in to Valentines Day: I had heard there were three Valentine's and even came across something talking about how the imprisoned Valentine (one of the three :))sent a "Valentine" to his jailors' daughter, with whom he was smitten and his signing the note "from your valentine" stuck... I dunno, I still will pick something small up or do something (like the aforementioned making of ice cream), but I find it much more enjoyable to surprise people with gifts etc throughout the year :) Oh and I may have to try some of that Nectar/RaspB for the next round This note ended up a little longer than I intended, but it is helping me procrastinate from writing programming code :P
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I am fortunate that my husband often surprises me with flowers, a gift, or something nice he will cook. He is a fabulous home-chef-I am blessed. I think when he does things for no-ocassion is always the best and means more for sure! Shanti/Mary-Anne
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Good blog. I guess this is something all of us can relate to...the excitement, the adventure, at times disappointment and of course when it turns out well like ur vanilla-cinnamon, the sheer joy of achievement is really something else. Trying out recipes can be real fun. I am reminded of the first time my hubby and I tried making ice cream and we were peeping into the ice cream maker (while it was busy churning) every few minutes.
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Another fabulous ice cream is white pepper ice cream-like wow. Jean-Georges Vongericten serves this on his Black Tower plate as I recall. Shanti/Mary-Anne
Things I Learned While Making Ice Cream For The First Time