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Are you a baker or cook?

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Do you like – baking or is it cooking for you? Surfing through the internet and food blog hopping I have come up with an observation that although all of us are hard core foodies there are yet major differences. There are food bloggers who are great cooks and the other set are those who are passionate about cooking but are hard core bakers at heart. This is evident from the hundreds of food blogs that are dedicated to baking alone. From amateur bakers to professional ones there are a number of bloggers who just love the oven.


For me baking has been a marvel throughout, the mix of flour, sugar, salt, leavening agents and WOW!! With some time in the oven and you have a yummy delight to dig into. Baking has always been fun the cakes, cookies, desserts and a world of irresistible goodies. However, baking does require a very methodical approach, precise measurements and following the recipe appropriately to get the desired delicious result. In one moment you can have a yummy treat or else the cakes can fall flat, the cookies could be rock hard and just what you thought is going to be a treat can turn into a total disaster. Making a change in a baking recipe unlike cooking recipes would require a high degree of expertise, knowledge and experience. Do you agree?

In cooking, we sure have more scope for experimenting as compared to baking, so I feel. The other day however, gave me a pleasant surprise. Just a few days back was experimenting with a brownie recipe and a few variations and oh la la I had a yummy brownie that was much better than the original. So sometimes baking experiments do have a positive side too , they could actually result in great tasting dishes that could even be better than the original. This was one lucky day (still have my fingers crossed). There have been are several disappointing days when cakes have just refused to rise and cookies or stone couldn’t tell the difference . I am very careful not to alter too much of the original baking recipe, unless I have a definite plan that justifies the change in measurements and proportions.

Coming to cooking or baking, the bakery round the corner has always had me drooling over the goodies and have definitely wished I could one day create such wonders and that too so perfect. However, I feel at home with cooking recipes and definitely know better how to adapt them to my taste without turning them into a recipe for disaster. If you ask me, I am a cook at heart although am definitely fascinated by the world of baking. What are you – a baker or a cook?

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Are You A Baker Or Cook?