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BRAND NEW! Our In the Kitchen Video Series

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Ever wanted to cook alongside Vickie & Jo Ann in the Gooseberry Patch kitchen? Our new video series takes you there and you'll love the homestyle recipes we're cooking up from our bestselling cookbooks...join us!

This video welcomes you to the warm and cozy kitchen of Gooseberry Patch. Join Vickie & Jo Ann while they cook up their favorite, tried and true Gooseberry Patch recipes just for you. It is simple and delicious home-style cooking like mom and grandma used to make! Follow them step by step while they bake, sizzle, blend, stir, chop, taste and have lots of fun. From garden lunches to summertime dinners, tailgating snacks to holiday treats, the bring you delicious dishes for every season and occasion.

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BRAND NEW! Our In The Kitchen Video Series Video