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Interviews With Chefs Sal And Marcus Samuelsson

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Event:The Cuisine of Queens, 2007
Organizers: Frances Grace, Publisher Dish Du Jour Magazine

Chef Sal, Chef Marcus Sammuleson and Frances Grace, the publisher of Dish Du Jour magazine are interview with the Food Buddies and fun food host, Monica

Chef marcus Samuelsson, ethiopian born with swedish upbringing is the famous winner of the James Beard award for the rising chef and the host the "Inner Chef" on Discovery Channel.

Chef Sal Scagnomillo is of the famous Patsy's Restaurant in Manhattan and have played host to countless celebrities.

Frances Grace is the publisher of the dish du jour magazine, which covers fine foods, interviews, restaurants and much more in the food space

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Chefs Sal, Marcus Samuelsson And The Publisher Of Dish Du Jour Interview Review
Frankie is talking to the famous Chefs Sal, Marcus Samuelsson and the Publisher of Dish Du Jour, where they are talking about healthy foods and the Cuisine of Queens event. Watch out the video and get tips from their experience.

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hey is gettng lots of bog chefs! thats cool